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I strive to supply each student with the fundamental building blocks of art and design while developing each artist's voice to speak through their body of work. My teaching style promotes independent growth and self-directed education, allowing students to research areas of interest while using personal reflection through means of journaling and sketching. Experimentation is strongly encouraged in the classroom – students discover new aesthetic approaches to develop concept through unconventional material use. I strive to facilitate mastery of criteria and content-understanding – honing both technical skills and insuring the knowledge of the elements of art and principals of design. A strong sense of community is achieved through respectful discussions, in-course activity and critique – creating a safe environment for constructive criticism. I encourage curiosity, critical thinking and creative problem solving through my curriculum. My teaching methods educate and promote art vocabulary which is expected during formal and informal critique. I believe that knowledge of historical and contemporary art is imperative to a strong body of work. Knowledge of what art movements exist within a student's realm of work is beyond beneficial, it is critical to the message their work communicates. The medium alone will always be pregnant with meaning, so it is important to teach students the cultural and historic references that come with the material use. My course will promote greater exposure to the art world, stressing the importance to visit galleries and museums with written assignments to reflect on formal or conceptual strengths in artworks on exhibit. Individual student growth is my goal above all, I believe that through my teaching methods each student will be well-equipped with the knowledge and skill set necessary to move forward in pursuit of Studio Art studies.

Educational Philosophy

Student work by Alayne Cross

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