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May, 2020 - present

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor by Purple Window is a series of satellite exhibitions held in domestic and storefront windows to showcase artwork to the outside world during shelter in place. We propose this as an ongoing curatorial project during the C-19 shutdown. 

Purple Window is calling artists, designers, curators, and those willing to share their windows to participate. One parameter of the exhibition is to outline the glass of each window with purple tape and exhibit artwork within the window pane. Installations are up to the discretion of each participant. 

Long term plans include an exhibition in our Chicago gallery space incorporating installations, photography, and documentation footage of this project in its many forms. Additionally, we will make a catalog book composed of documentation images, artist statements, and personal narratives regarding this project and the effect C-19 has had on our community and day-to-day lives. All work will be archived online on our blog.

Purple Window exhibitions will take place across the United States in Illinois, Washington, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York. Exhibitions will take place outside of the US in England, France, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia. 

Interested in bringing the exhibition to your neighborhood?

Email for more details.

- Initiative by Lauren Iacoponi, Founder & Director 

Installations by: Allison Wade curated by Jaclyn Mednicov, Naomi Elson curated by Fabiola Tosi, Sean Gall curated by Camilla Boemio, Meghan Moe Beitiks, Naomi Elson, Glenn Wexler, Maria Elisa D’Andrea curated by Camilla Boemio, Richard Alvin Gessert, Julia M. Koreman, Joshi Radin curated by Fabiola Tosi, Isabella Maroon and Spencer Cheek, Victoria Marie Barquin, Chris Costan, Deirdre Colgan, Bryan LeBeuf curated by Fabiola Tosi, Tonya J. Hart, Amy Fleming, David Stewart curated by Camilla Boemio, Chris Williford, Amy Shelton, Lauren Goldenberg, Tess McAuslan-King, S. Nicole Lane, Alexandra Haas, Millicent Kennedy and Michael Chambers, Darin Latimer curated by Kim Leja Atwood, Darryll Schiff, Charlotte Gasparetti Ribar + Spiros Loukopoulos, Millicent Kennedy, MyLinh Mac, Tabor Shiles, Ata Berkol, David Stonehouse, Sarah Genematas, Marcy Thomas-Burns + Amy Shelton, Gordon Hall curated by Lauren Iacoponi, Natalie Pivoney, Rebecca Griffith, Meredith Haggerty 

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