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Selected Publications


May 2018

"Unpacked Brings 'Everyone Wants a South Facing Window' to NIU Campus” - Odyssey



March 2018

"Nitty-Gritty Coming to ARC Gallery" - Odyssey

"Artist Talk" - Odyssey



February 2018

"The Impressionist Photo"- Odyssey



January 2018

"Milk Spilt Opening at Rubberneck Gallery" - Odyssey

"Unpacked Mobile Gallery Comes to Northern Illinois University's Convocation" - Odyssey 

"Exciting Art That Deserves Your Attention in 2018" - Odyssey

"4 Chicago Art Events That You Need to Check Out, Stat" - Odyssey



December 2017

"Best Chicago Museums" - Odyssey

"Exclusive Studio Visit With Artist Claire Burke Dain" - Odyssey

November 2017

"13 Videos About Visionary Female Artists That Will Inspire You" - Odyssey

"Rubberneck Now Open On Chicago Ave" - Odyssey

October 2017

"An Artist's Work Inspired By Mental Health" - Odyssey



September 2017

"Chicago's Only Mobile Gallery In A Truck Is Back" - Odyssey 

August 2017

"Seven Great Texts To Launch Your Art Career" - Odyssey

"Chicago's First Floating Museum - Odyssey

"Public Art Chicago" - Odyssey




July 2017

"The Importance Of Repetition In Art" - Odyssey

"The Hottest New Block On The Chicago Art Scene" - Odyssey 

"All The Must-See Art Openings In Chicago This Summer" - Odyssey 

"The Best Festival In Someone Else's Back Yard" - Odyssey



June 2017

"How To Grow Your Professional Art Career" - Odyssey 

"Descending To Heaven: Darryll Schiff Is One Of Chicago's Most Up And Coming Artists" - Odyssey

"Allen Moore: Building Community Through Art" - Odyssey 

"Why You Should Take That Unpaid Internship" - Odyssey 





May 2017

"Chicago's Mobile Gallery 'Unpacked' Continues To Provide New Space For Artists" - Odyssey

"Unpacked: Our Gallery In A Truck" - Odyssey 

February 2016

"Descending to Heaven (and Into the Wabash Arts Corridor)" - DEFINEART

October 2015

"Help Descending to Heaven Rise" - South Loop Chronicles

September 2015

"Darryll Schiff to Join The Wabash Arts Corridor" - DEFINEART


July 2015

"A Reflection on The Selfie" - DEFINEART

June 2015

"Chicago Art: Hometown Heroes" - DEFINEART

May 2015

"Halation. Light. Art. Schiff." - DEFINEART


"Trapise" - Halation International Photography Magazine

April 2015

"Action, Abstraction, Transition" - DEFINEART

February 2015

"Color! Composition!" - DEFINEART

January 2015

"Art and Sensation" - DEFINEART

"Fine Art and the Passage of Time" - DEFINEART

December 2014

"One Family: Three Incredible Artists of the 21st Century" - DEFINEART

November 2014

"McArthur Binion" - Kavi Gupta Press

"Momentum" - DEFINEART


October 2014

"Confluence" - DEFINEART

February 2013

"Tony Fitzpatrick" - Discovering Art in Chicago


January 2013

"Gallery 27" - Discovering Art in Chicago

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