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August 7- September 13, 2020

Relic, Ritual and Remedy

Relic, Ritual and Remedy is a group exhibition at Heaven Gallery curated by Lauren Iacoponi featuring the work of Allen Moore, Rebecca Griffith, Judith Brotman, Naomi Elson, Nick Van Zanten, Anne Yafi, Elyse Sawka, José Santiago Pérez, Betsy Odom, Millicent Kennedy, and Ryan Burns.

Relic, Ritual, and Remedy explores contemporary textiles, taste, and ornamentation as they relate to identity and culture in the 21st Century. Relic, Ritual, and Remedy focuses on the importance of objects, their histories, and cultural significance. Each artist utilizes objects and craft materials that serve as a vehicle for expression through textiles, installations, wall hangings, and sculptures forged from scavenged materials, found objects, and personal belongings.

Click here to view the virtual artist talk and gallery walk through held remotely on August 22, 2020

- Curated by Lauren Iacoponi

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