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September 17 - November 16, 2021

Short Term Infinity 

BOCCARA Art Miami is pleased to present Short Term Infinity, curated by Lauren Iacoponi, featuring the works of Chicago artists Corey Postiglione, Sarah Dupré, Michael K Paxton, Tim Klein, and Noah Kashiani.

The exhibition title Short Term Infinity examines the paradoxical nature of the times, feeling both brief and everlasting during the crisis of a global pandemic. The uncertainty results in artists working to stay oriented and engaged, finding larger patterns and meanings within their concentrated practice.


Current events beg civilians and artists alike to conceive meaning out of chaos and push the boundaries of unconscious default settings instilled within our skull-sized kingdoms. Short Term Infinity examines our time on this earth, and the warped sense of perception felt during uncertain times.

Infinity itself evokes the irrational - the concept of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound. It is beyond human comprehension. The infinite is approached through artistic, scientific, spatial, spiritual, mathematical, and metaphysical methodologies. Human investigation is fallible and limited in our ability to express the infinite within a liminal state of perception. Yet, many visual representations of the infinite include kaleidoscope imagery and concentric circles.

Our experience is mirrored in the artwork coming out of the pandemic. Gestures elusively permeate our subconscious and relate back to ourselves. Art offers a formal vehicle for the tragedy, confusion, hope, and calamity that we have faced during this difficult year and a half. Artworks laden with affection and meaning provide a vantage point to take comfort in the unknown. Short Term Infinity invites its viewing audience to breathe into the present, a moment that feels without end.

- Curated by Lauren Iacoponi

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