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Much of my work can be seen as a reflection of obsessive behavior in the every day. I focus on obsessive tendencies and thinking patterns, whether it is tunnel vision thinking or a fixation with health that leads to a repetitive workout regiment.  Obsession is key to both alleviating and causing stress. Repetition and accumulation are major parts of my aesthetic approach to art-making. The knot has become central in my aesthetic vocabulary - linked to fetishism, connectivity, and familial ties while the act of tying knots is a method of coping with anxiety - reinforced through repetitive behavior.  My tactile process involves a repetitive series of highly physical steps when slashing, tearing, knotting and stabbing in order to create.














In theme with repetition, my autobiographical work utilizes personal belongings and hand-embroidered poetry. The piercing aspect of the needle work has an undeniable dichotomy built into its process - poking holes in a surface to ultimately add more marks - patch together or mend. Similarly, I find the act of writing has the ability to mend and nourish myself emotionally. The single stitch which I use to incorporate the text is a mending method often used to repair broken and worn down cloth. The process is slow and meditative for me as I work my way across the the surface from letter to letter, word to word and panel to panel, expressing the cycle of my relationships as it unfolds in spirals running down the piece. I use these objects as a metaphor for how relationships change us as individuals, whether that is briefly changing our perception of life or causing us to move in entirely new directions, the changes reflected in the embroidered material convey this in unexpected ways, through puckering of material, points of tension and release and shifts in clarity of the text. 

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